Know Where Your Cash Goes

Know Where Your Cash Goes

If you’re looking for a reliable Bookkeeper who can come to you and that you can trust to deliver a quality service then call Express Mobile Bookkeeping.

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  • Data Entry Paperwork
  • Bank Reconciliations Paperwork
  • Accounts Receivable Paperwork
  • Paying Bills Paperwork
  • Inventory Management
  • Stocktaking
  • Everyday Paperwork
  • File this, More Counting
  • More Paperwork…….

Did you really get into business to spend your day doing all of the above?

Probably not but…. we did!

Your Express Mobile Bookkeeper LOVES paperwork.

See below for how we get our daily kicks:

Data Entry and Bank Reconciliations

If you want to know where your business is heading, then you need accurate information.

Your bank, the government, your investors and your business partners will demand it!

Get your business information organised and verified right the first time.

Accounts Receivable

How do you get paid if no one pays you?

Separate yourself from the awkward chore of asking your customers to pay their outstanding invoices.

We systematically follow up on your outstanding invoices and persistently encourage your clients to pay.

Accounts Payable


  • the double payments,
  • chasing invoices from your supplies,
  • wondering when those credits are going to appear on your account.

Ever wanted someone to call your phone company for you?

From entering the bills to paying the bills, we can help.

Inventory Management

All businesses are required to stocktake at least once a year. What happens in between can put you seriously at risk of running out of cash. A well managed inventory means you minimise spoilage and maximise the availability of products when you need to sell them.

Regular Reporting = Clarity.

Are you winning the game?

To really know you must measure your business performance regularly.

It’s all part of the service

Express Mobile Bookkeepers regular reporting service ensures that no matter how busy you are, when you need to know how you’re traveling the reports are at hand.

From Just $29.95